Who’s Hawley?

Hawley and her dude at their dear friends' wedding.

Hawley is an aspiring vegan, married to an aspiring vegan, with a happily vegan toddler who refuses animal products anyway (certainly makes things easier on us!)… Hawley loves to eat, but particularly eating delicious, nutritious, healthful vegan foods. Why? Well, that’s a longer story, but in short, after feeling like a whale post-pregnancy, she decided she wanted to lose weight by simply living a healthful lifestyle. Not a quick fad diet or unhealthy overly extreme purge. Just good, informed nutrition. So she read the book Eat to Live, which helped her to lose her baby weight and more… but also really piqued her interest in learning more, which led to reading more books. Including Disease-Proof Your Child and Eating Animals, she also watched the film Forks Over Knives (amongst other documentaries, but this was the best and most crucial one) on the importance of nutritious food and what it even means for food to be nutritious. With a second baby on the way, she’s also enjoying her first vegan pregnancy experience and is amazed at how much better she feels (which she believes is a result of the vegan-ocity, but who knows).

But most of all, she likes relatively easy recipes that make eating at home as good or better than eating out – without the added cost or potential health sacrifices. She’s just an average Jane (without being named Jane, though) who loves a good, healthy meal or dessert. This blog is an effort to pull together lots of great, healthy, vegan recipes from various sources and to share them with fellow food lovers. It may include nutritional tid-bits or factoids, occasional quotations, and other chatter so to speak, but the focus will surely be the recipes. She isn’t a chef or a baker, and she isn’t particularly talented. This blog isn’t meant to be genius, but an easy way for people seeking healthy meals and treats to find recipes from many different sources compiled here as simple to make, healthy (or at least healthier versions), tried and true delights. Whether you love meat, eat cheese by the brick, or are a strict vegan yourself, Hawley invites you to enjoy these recipes and good health!

Our Little Vegan!


2 thoughts on “Who’s Hawley?

  1. Hi Hawley,
    I’m Pam – Your FIL, Dave referred me – his sister Diane is married to my cousin Burt! Anyway, cool blog you’ve got going on here. I eat mostly a plant based diet, but include wild fish and on a rare occasion, organic chicken. I’m going to try some of your recipes. I really don’t like being in the kitchen, BUT I do need to expand my meals. I like that your meal recipes are about 30 minutes of prep. I’m also in the process of creating a blog so I’ll let you know when it’s up. Fitness/wellness for us moms!

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