Keys to a Good Recipe

Recently, I’ve come to a few conclusions about what makes a good recipe in my (figurative) book. I thought I’d share with you some of these basics, so that you might be encouraged to share some with me that you think fit a good number of the criterion and so that you know why I’m sharing them here. Occasionally I revamp a recipe based on what I want to use or what I have on hand so that I don’t have to go to the store or buy a singular ingredient that I’m unlikely to use again in the near future, but most of the time, I assume I’ll be sharing recipes from other sources. I don’t think I’m a chef. I’m just someone who wants to live healthily for a long time with as few medical issues as possible, while enjoying delicious meals and not having to work all that hard to achieve these delectable delights. I’m not trying to be someone or present myself as the creator of these recipes. I just want to share goodness!

My keys to a good recipe: 

1) It doesn’t use animal products. (Or I can adapt it to be animal-product free, like substituting Butler’s Soy Curls for chicken, for example.)

2) Ideally, it doesn’t take longer than about 30 minutes. I will never cook anything that takes longer than an hour (unless that’s just accounting for a marinade or you’re using a crock pot).

3) It tastes delicious and would be worthy of serving to guests. Generally, I judge this based on whether or not my husband goes back for seconds. Or better yet, thirds and fourths. If leftovers are fought over, I take that as a good sign.

4) It does a body good. It should use whole grains, natural ingredients, and ideally avoid refined sugar or at least only use minimal amounts of it. However, I’ve got a mouth full of sweet-tooths, so… sugar is somewhat negotiable. I do not use white flour – the closest I’ll go is “white-whole-wheat flour“.

5) I feel good when I eat it, and I want to make it again.

Of course, I’m not big on rules but these are the guidelines I try to follow and will try my best to keep on this blog. Since I’ve been so obsessed with food lately, my Instagram account has been replete with images of food I have enjoyed at home lately. I feel silly being so obsessed with food, but IT’S SO GOOD. I kind of can’t help it. As a result, friends have been asking me for the recipes and I figured this would be an easy forum to share them. I started out making note of recipes to rewrite and store in my family recipe binder so that we’ll make them over and over again. Now, I’ll be using this blog similarly – and you can share with me in enjoying these great recipes. May we enjoy good health and may our taste buds rejoice.


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